Never Summer Boards are In!

"The sharpest tool in the shred shed. With the Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile and a powerful flex, the all mountain do everything Ripsaw will cut into the hardest snow and tear through anything in its path."


"This balanced true twin is equipped with Vario Power Grip Sidecut, an extra layer of +/- 45 Fiberglass and our legendary damping system. With incredible float, edge hold, next level pop and ultimate high-speed stability, you'll be tearing up everything, everywhere on the Ripsaw." Never Summer

Burton Snowboards

for Kids!

 The beginner-friendly combo of a catch-free convex base and the softest flex possible makes it fun for even the lightest weight riders to master turning and stopping.

The Burton  Chiclet and Riglet are Here!

No camber or rocker here, just a flat profile from nose to tail that’s extra stable for better balance and board control. Attach the accessory to the nose or tail of the 80-120cm sizes to tow junior around and get him comfortable until he's ready to rock bindings.

SALE 15% Off


The Feather

Effortless feel and progression-friendly features make it amazingly easy to take the next step in snowboarding. The laid-back and relaxed design of the Burton Feather provides an effortless feel that makes learning and improving fast and fun. The Channel™ gives your entire on-hill experience a helpful boost with the industry's easiest way to mount any binding (but we're partial to our women's Citizen binding). A tapered shape and the stability of Flat Top makes turning a breeze; while the twin flex rides equally well in any direction. The upgrade to the ultra-thin profiling of Filet-O-Flex ensures a soft feel without sacrificing stability. Add it all up and you get the perfect board for the rider who is serious about catching up and keeping up with her friends.


Ice Skates

Hockey Skates by Easton Hockey  Available at The Great Outdoors in Newport, Morrisville and Enosburg Falls, VT.Built to help make ice skating fun, Bladerunner is here with skates for children and adults. Soft upper soles and ankle support allow for skating with ease. Bladerunner ice skates are available in various styles and colors.


This year visit The Great Outdoors for our select men's, women's and teen's figure skates.  Hockey skates are also available.


Skis and Snowboards


Rossignol 84 Experience HD

SALE $599.95

Reg $900

(Price includes skis and bindings)

Review by


"The Rossignol Experience 84 HD are classic all-mountain skis aimed at strong intermediate to advanced riders. We take them for a spin during our 2017 on snow test in Austria to see how well they perform."


"For a traditional ski manufacturer like Rossignol, producing innovative products that stand up against some of the more 'funky' brands out there must remain a challenge, but somehow they pull it off - think Soul 7. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by that when you consider the people and resources the Grenoble based company have.


The Experience 84 is about as middle of the road you can get - the name, the 84mm width, the colour scheme and the type of skier they're designed for; upper end recreational skier who wants to explore the whole mountain.


But like the majority of 'ordinary' people, when you scratch underneath the surface there's nothing ordinary about them at all - we think the same goes for the Experience 84 HD.


Rossignol really seem to have produced the perfect all-mountain tool - carving like a dream on groomed slopes and slicing through the softer stuff with ease. Of course their limitations are apparent when ramping things up at high-speeds in deeper powder snow, but that's not what they are designed for - what they are perfectly happy with is floating through the deep stuff at a moderate pace, with decent floatation that provides stability and confidence boosting enjoyment.


One of the most impressive qualities of these skis is the balance through the turn, neither over, nor under steering. Apply pressure progressively through the turn and they respond accordingly. No, they won't ski for you but they're about as close as you can get to skis that can." ...More


Arrivals from Elan

Award winning Elan, a maker of skis and other sports equipment, is available at The Great Outdoors!


Engineered for high performance, consider Elan skis when purchasing your next pair of skis.


Nordic Skis by Rossignol

Rossignol Evo Glade Back Country Ski

Available at The Great Outdoors

The Evo Glade 59 is a great ski for the newer cross country skier looking for a convenient package that will be skied mostly on the groomed tracks, but can handle light off trail skiing. Rossignol's Wood Air Core is lightweight and sturdy to give you support and propulsion. The Double Cut Base offers fair gliding properties, and is waxless, so it requires no upkeep at all. The Evo Glade 59 comes with an NIS NNN binding already installed on the ski, and requires an NNN boot.


Nordic Skis by Rossignol  Available at The Great Outdoors in Newport, Morrisville and Enosburg Falls, VT.Cross Country Skis by Rossignol

Available at The Great Outdoors


"The BC 65 is a lightweight, metal edge touring ski designed for off-trail exploring or on-trail use. The waxless Positrack base provides maximum grip and the best compromise between kick and glide in all snow conditions. Full-length metal edges and a taller camber height provide off and on-trail versatility. Built with a sturdy Wood Air core, the BC 65 is a durable, dependable and lightweight touring partner, off or on-trail." Rossignol.


Visit The Great Outdoors for our complete stock of skis, cross country skis and skate skis from Rossignol, White Woods and other manufacturers. Questions? Contact us at 1-802-334-2831 for more information.



For kids to teens to adults, a beginner to intermediate cross country and skate ski designed and engineered by Rossignol.  Questions?  Feel Free to contact us for price and availability at 802-334-2831.


Rossignol Skate Ski Package

SALE $399.99

 reg $499.99

Are you looking for Rossignol Skate Skis? We have several styles for men, women and teens.  Available now at The Great Outdoors.


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